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Son of Henry and Ute Kersting, immigrants from Germany who moved to Toronto, Canada in 1952. My Father started a small company repackaging and selling women’s hosiery through one of the 1st. mail order marketing techniques for this time. He was truly a business entrepreneur.
As my Father was one would insisted in moving to warmer climate zones, he eventually moved the family to United States of America, Sunny California. Where I was born in Santa Monica. I don’t remember much of that time because soon after I was born, with the thought of even milder climates, my family moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. There, I was raised with my two sisters and my brother, who are all older than me. My Mother is an Artist who specialized in Fine Art on Canvas. Oil and Water Color paintings of abstract and landscapes. A women before her time, creating timeless pieces of art we all treasure to this day. After graduating High School, I attended Cannon’s Business College to obtain my Computer Operations Degree, which helped me land a great position at The Federal Home Loan Bank in Dallas, Texas. This was back when computers were run by tape drives and card readers. Dinosaurs compared to today"s computer operating systems, but never the less still run with the same logic. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I returned back to Hawaii after 5 years in Dallas to invent and manufacture an educational toy called, “ Aloha Lava, Erupting Volcano Kit”. This kit was also a novelty item for the tourist market in Hawaii. Eventually, I sold the company and moved to the neighbor island of Kauai to become a Foster Parent with Hale Opio Foster Agency for youth at risk. Rewarding and challenging, especially after living through a category 5 hurricane named Iniki, which demolished the small island and sent the economy into a tail spin for 10 years. During the 10 years of rebuilding the island and the economy, I became an Assistant Manager at the 1st Wal-Mart to open on that island. I was directly responsible for 6 different departments. It was like running 6 different stores at once. I gained vast knowledge business operations and human relations. Eventually as the economy got better, I was eager to venture out on my own and develop my own recession proof business in the Landscaping and Tree Service industry, which for sure was a consistent income producer. Venturing briefly in the Restaurant industry at the same time and became co owner of a Sushi Restaurant called “Wasabis”. Successful to a degree with certain economic short falls with the dreaded 911 attacks on the World Trade Centers. Which effected tourism on our small island. I once again relied on my recession proof business of Landscaping and Tree Services.

Yet this time, I also developed a Bed And Breakfast Accomodation called, “ The Kualapa Cottage”. This was a fantastic way to meet people from around the world and develop my skill in using the internet to attract my customers. Designing my own web page that drew in thousands of views during the course of 15 years being open. These are just a few of my endeavors that I have done in my past to shape who I am today. Now I live permanently in Vancouver B.C. raising my twin boy and girl and taking care of my elderly mother, who needs the children she raised so well to help her now in her senior years. Becoming a Real Estate Agent with 88West Realty is the perfect fit to bundle all my past experiences and talents in being an innovator, customer relations developer and problem solver. I bring to my clients a comprehensive, and genuine manager to become your Real Estate Consultant. Thank you for choosing 88West Realty Ltd. and our great family of agents.


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